Robin Wright wants to adapt the French thriller Les Carnets Rouges as a series

The actress of the series House of Cards acquired the rights to the self-published book in 2017, co-written by Carole and Antoine Fruchard. The novel has just been published on January 19 by Harper Collins and the siblings have planned a trilogy.

Fantastic “,” beautiful and futuristic“,” captivating »… So many comments on The Red Notebooks, co-written by the two oldest siblings, Carole and Antoine Fruchard. Self-published at the end of 2017, the book reached tens of thousands of readers on the web. An unexpected craze for these two French authors, who saw their words cross the borders of France. Published on January 20 by the prestigious American publishing house Harper Collins, the novel also seduced the actress Robin Wright, heroine of the series House of Cards . She has just bought the rights for a visual adaptation.

Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon? If nothing is specified yet, the Netflix platform seems to have the advantage. “ We made a presentation in early 2020. We had zoomed in with Netflix teams“, Evoked the author Antoine Fruchard to BFM TV.

Childhood story

Lovers of literature, the brother and sister very early on developed a passion for authors such as Alexandre Dumas, Jack London, and Jules Vernes. From the age of 11-12, they decide to pass the time by writing an imaginary story until its conclusion. Abandoned, it finally resurfaced ten years later, when the two found themselves in the same school and in the same apartment. “ We found ourselves in our twenties, both students (…) And there, I don’t know how, we thought about this outcome. We said to ourselves, ‘come on let’s write a book’. This is how Les Carnets Rouges began in 2011-2012 », They explain.

After having wiped the advice and opinions of their relatives, Carole and Antoine Fruchard decide to rub shoulders with anonymous comments through self-publishing, on Amazon and on Fnac. The scenario quickly pleases, and rave reviews multiply. In particular those of a certain Clément Giraudet, husband of American actress Robin Wright. “ He really liked the story. He called me to ask for an English version which I didn’t have. We translated a summary of about twenty pages for Robin Wright, who really liked », Remembers Antoine Fruchard.

Now the machine is started. The serial adaptation of this first installment should begin by next spring. Indeed, the two authors specified that the Red notebooks were written in the style of a trilogy and that they will quickly start writing the second volume.


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