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Rishi Sunak admitted, backward in the race for the post of Prime Minister of Britain, has made an important bet

UK Prime Minister Election 2022: Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are in a close fight for the Prime Minister’s item in Britain, while Sunak himself has now admitted that he is a little behind in the fight. Rishi Sunak, while playing an important stake in the UK Prime Minister’s election, said that he is weak in the race to become the next Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of Britain, but he will continue his fight for every vote.

During this, he reiterated his point and said that he will not cut personal tax as long as inflation is under control. Although he told the Conservative members that tax cuts will not make people’s lives easier, but it should be implemented honestly. However, earlier Rishi Sunak had said that he would stay away from the tempting policy. He had refused to cut electricity bills when he was the Finance Minister. At the same time, now his tone is seen with a changed attitude regarding tax deduction.

Truss made this promise

On the other hand, her rival and foreign secretary Liz Truss said during this time that she would abolish the tax as soon as she took office. Truss called it too complex, promising a full review of Britain’s tax system. He also said that it should be according to the people. Truss has an edge even as Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced he was backing him for the prime ministership.

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Sunak seeks support

The pair battled to garner the votes of some 175,000 party members ahead of the announcement of the election results on 5 September. Sunak said that I am seeking the support of all of you. I promise you that I am going to fight for every single vote. He warned that he is not responsible for not deducting tax and neither is he a conservative.

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