Riot in the US caused the price of Bitcoin to hit record highs

In the morning session of January 7, the price of Bitcoin increased dramatically to nearly $ 38,000. According to experts, US political instability has warmed to this currency.

After setting a new record 37,700 USD/ dong on the morning of January 7 (in US time), Bitcoin is currently trading around the threshold 37,200 USD, up 6.37% compared to the previous trading day. Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Stellar and XRP also climbed 7.91%, 64.62% and 30.33% respectively.

“Bitcoin benefited from the riots in Washington and rose 8.26%.” 36,850 USD during the night. The record was quickly broken this morning with the price close 38,000 USD“, financial expert Jeffrey Halley at consulting firm Oanda (USA) explained.

At this price point, the total Bitcoin market value is now past the mark 1,000 billion USD.

Early in the afternoon of January 6, crowds of demonstrators supporting US President Donald Trump broke down the barrier outside the Capitol and flooded in while the US Congress was meeting to certify the victory of President-elect Joe Biden.

Bitcoin price brother 1

Trump supporters flooded the US Congress building on the afternoon of January 6. Photo: Reuters.

According to Mr. Halley, US political instability puts pressure on the dollar. “And that’s the fertile ground for cryptocurrencies. Heavenly prices are inevitable. However, I will still scream in despair that Bitcoin is not an investable asset,” he said. warning.

“Please don’t put your pension in there,” added the expert.

Since the threshold piercing 20,000 USD in mid-December, the price of Bitcoin surpassed the markers 25,000 USD, 30,000 USD and close to the threshold 35,000 USD/ VND on January 3. Before officially reached 35,000 USD/ VND on January 5, this currency experienced a day to challenge investors’ psychology with a decrease of nearly 20%.

Copper Bitcoin prices have risen nearly 400% in 2020 as investors pour money into cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation and the risk of the dollar devaluation. More and more institutional investors are putting their faith in Bitcoin, also helping to boost its momentum.

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Bitcoin swings, Vietnamese ‘plow people’ is not very interested

Over the past few days, the fact that Bitcoin has peaked at $ 33,000 and is likely to continue to rise has caused a stir among investors, but the miners have shown no interest in the cryptocurrency.


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