Rififi between Johnny Depp and Maïwenn on the set of Jeanne du Barry

The atmosphere would apparently not be very peaceful between Johnny Depp and Maïwenn on the set of the film Jeanne du Barry. AFP/Evelyn Hockstein, Valery Hache

Relationships on the film set Jeanne du Barry between the French director who embodies the Comtesse du Barry and the American actor, in the skin of Louis XV, would be stormy.

Did the passionate love between Louis XV and the Comtesse du Barry have an influence on Johnny Depp and Maïwenn who are currently filming Jeanne du Barry, a historical film directed in person by the French actress. The answer to this question seems to be in the affirmative if we are to believe celebrity journalist Bernard Montiel, who on Cyril Hanouna’s show, “Touche pas à mon poste”, indulged in a few confidences.

On Tuesday, October 4, the columnist of “TMPP”, known to be the friend of the stars of Monaco in Los Angeles, hinted that the professional relations of the American comedian and the French director and actress were stormy to say the least. “I had echoes and it is very serious. So he’s an excellent actor when he comes on set… Except that sometimes the team is ready at six in the morning and no one comes. So afterwards, Maïwenn, the director, gets angry and the next day, she’s the one who doesn’t come… While Johnny Depp comes…“, he explained.

A stormy shoot

If it is true, of course, this game of cat and mouse disturbs the conditions of the filming of Jeanne du Barry, feature film with a substantial budget since it would exceed 20 million euros. This rififi on a film set seems surprising since at first Maïwenn Le Besco, who here wears the double hat of director and actress, and Johnny Depp seemed delighted to work together. Indeed for the American actor, this love story between King Louis the fifteenth and the commoner Jeanne Bécu, who will become noble by marriage, looked like an enchanted parenthesis after the pangs of his divorce with Amber Heard.

Filming, which took place in particular at the Château de Vaux-Le Vicomte, should end in mid-October and this is certainly a good thing because according to Bernard Montiel, Johnny Depp and Maïwenn could no longer see each other in painting: “It is madness. They’re fed up. It’s going very badly. They argue all the time“, he continues, sure of his fact. Let’s just hope that the director was able to box all the scenes she had imagined because the film must now be edited to be ready in … 2023 for a broadcast on Netflix.


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