Revoir Paris, Plan 75, Everyone loves Jeanne … Films to see or avoid this week

The trauma of a survivor of an attack, a government implementing a policy of euthanasia for seniors, Blanche Gardin and Laurent Lafitte, heroes of a first feature film… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

See Paris again – Have

Drama by Alice Winocour, 1h45

Mia survived an attack. One evening, this Russian translator had taken shelter from the rain in a brasserie. Killers tumbled, shot at the customers. Since then, the survivor’s memory is in tatters. Nothing is like before. Mia feels guilty. She participates in a support group, meets other survivors. A woman accuses him of having locked himself in the restroom of the restaurant without thinking of his neighbors at the table. Mia has no memory of this episode. At these meetings she meets a banker whose leg bristles with external fixators. Benoît Magimel, intense and penetrating, decidedly impeccable, with a serene humor and a vibrant warmth. Alice Winocour tracks this disoriented forties, visiting hospital rooms, settling in a friend’s studio whose windows overlook the Place de la République. An infinite modesty reigns over each sequence. Winocour repels the sensational with the toe. Of course, it is inspired by November 13, 2015. It took a Virginie Efira to carry at arm’s length See Paris againthis feature film that flies a hundred cubits above its current competitors. IN.

Map 75 – Have

Science fiction by Chie Hayakawa, 1h52

Awarded at Cannes, this first Japanese science fiction film imagines how the government is implementing a “legalized euthanasia policy” for seniors. The film follows five characters in parallel, including Michi (formidable Chieko Baisho), an endearing widow worn down by loneliness and financial difficulties, who agrees to be a candidate when she can no longer pay her rent. Nothing very spectacular is happening in Map 75. Everything is suggested. The horror is internal. The principle is simple. The government does not skimp on the propaganda and advertising spots that flood the media. Soft music is broadcast on the radio and in the streets of large cities. It reigns as a form of general anesthesia of society. Map 75 is a disturbing, moving, visually very neat feature film, filmed with so much realism that it becomes more frightening than a post-apocalyptic film. OD

Rodeo – Have

Drama by Lola Quivoron, 1 h 50

Presented at the Cannes Film Festival last May, this first film by the young Lola Quivoron is an angry film. A drama with the insolence of the first times. Rodeo dive into the world of stolen motorcycle robberies. Far from’Easy Rider, it shows bikers pros of “cross bitumen” criss-crossing the countryside, wheels in the air, hair in the wind, to the roaring sound of exhaust pipes. While in recent weeks, the subject of urban rodeos has been very much in the news, the film deserves our attention. It paints the portrait of a wild heroine (played by Julie Ledru) who dreams of organizing the ultimate robbery. It’s bumpy, feverish, dangerous. But so alive! Adrenaline replaces gasoline. OD

The visitor from the future – You can see

Science fiction comedy by François Descraques, 1 h 42

In the beginning, it all started with a web series on YouTube, conducted for four seasons (between 2009 and 2014) by a group of friends who were all fired up, who rubbed shoulders with time travel, and who sincerely knit a little science saga. – humorous French fiction. The film comes somewhere to crown this initiative, which over the years has brought together a whole community of devotees. Between madmax and Minority Report, the story of the film is set in a devastated future, where a large green apocalyptic cloud threatens the Earth. The world’s last hope rests on the shoulders of a man who can travel through time to change the course of events. But the Temporal Brigade tracks him down… Despite the presence of Arnaud Ducret as the boss of a nuclear power plant and the comic appearances of a few famous youtubers, such as McFly and Carlito, the company does not really convince. We are far from a success such as The Last Journey by Romain Quirot who is proudly part of the world of science fiction films
successful French. OD

Everybody loves Joan – You can see

Drama by Céline Devaux, 1h35

Céline Devaux’s first film, presented at the last Cannes Film Festival (Semaine de la critique), unfolds all its bittersweet charms and melancholy humor. Jeanne (Blanche Gardin) is a woman of her time. She has an ecological project with a mythological name (Nausicaa). This beautiful and noble undertaking for the safeguarding of the oceans fell through and fell into ruin. To pay off her debts, Jeanne must go to Lisbon and put her mother’s apartment, who died a year earlier, up for sale. In the Portuguese capital, Jeanne walks her spleen, finds an old lover (Nuno Lopes), makes an appointment with real estate agents. Lisbon is the ideal place to have a depression. We wouldn’t like Jeanne so much if she didn’t fall on Jean, a former high school friend who stayed in Lisbon. He recognizes her from the airport, in Paris. We wouldn’t like Jean so much if he weren’t played by Laurent Lafitte. The resident of the Comédie-Française has made a Big Lebowski look. Like the Dude, Jean, bearded and scruffy, is a champion of the gland. A joyous mix of kleptomania, mythomania and fantasy. E.S.

The Tiger and the President – You can see

Comedy by Jean-Marc Peyrefitte, 1h38

André Dussollier and Jacques Gamblin mischievously embody Georges Clemenceau and Paul Deschanel, scrapping in the presidential election of 1920. In the history books, he will remain the “crazy president”. Paul Deschanel (1855-1922), short-lived head of the French state who fell from a train on the night of May 23 to 24, 1920, owes his posterity only to the fact that a barrier guard found him dressed in pajamas, wandering on the rails between Montbrison and Montargis. The image of Épinal has since marked the spirits. Along the way, the frail Deschanel became the most ridiculous President of the Republic in the history of France. It was in an attempt to rehabilitate this political figure of the Roaring Twenties that Jean-Marc Peyrefitte orchestrated his first film in the form of a light political comedy. Without demerit for his first film, Jean-Marc Peyrefitte is especially helped in his task by a tandem of actors who cheerfully ensure the show. OD

Kompromat – To avoid

Thriller by Jérôme Salle, 2 h 07

In 2015, Yoann Barbereau, director of the Alliance française in Irkutsk in Siberia, was arrested one morning in front of his five-year-old daughter. Victim of a conspiracy, thrown in prison, he manages to escape in an incredible way two years later. In 2020, he recounts this traumatic experience in a very beautiful book, In the jails of Siberia (Stock), Kafkaesque and introspective story. Jerome Hall (Largo Winch, The Odyssey) is inspired by his story in Kompromat but transforms it into a low-end thriller with Gilles Lellouche in imitation Jason Bourne. We understand that Barbereau feels betrayed by this poorly romanticized version. E.S.


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