Revealing the implicit agreement between Apple and Google on Android and iOS platforms

Apple and Google are said to have had a tacit agreement with each other on the two mobile platforms Android and iOS to control application developers.

Apple and Google are accused of having a tacit agreement to acquire and control mobile app developers.

The lawsuit between the game company Epic and Apple has revealed more interesting information about the “apple”. Several new documents filed by Epic in court have revealed some startling details about the relationship between Apple and Google.

Accordingly, Epic confirmed that Apple and Google had an implicit agreement to help the two companies dominate developers to capture the mobile application market. Epic documents say Google CEO Larry Page met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 2010 to discuss the “partnership” between the two mobile platforms Android and iOS.

“There will always be places where we compete and there are areas where we cooperate,” Larry Page is said to have told Steve Jobs at this gathering.

Epic asserts that after the meeting, both Google and Apple have come up with identical terms that apply to app developers on Android and iOS platforms. This has helped both Apple and Google show a monopoly in the mobile application market, instead of competing with each other to create many benefits for developers.

If the documents published by Epic are accurate, this is considered very surprising information, when in his lifetime, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was very angry when Google launched the Android platform after the Android platform. iOS for a year, but has features and interfaces that “copy” the iOS platform. CEO Steve Jobs even vowed to “spend every last penny” to destroy the Android platform.

In addition, in the document Epic submitted to the court, it also accused Google of encouraging smartphone manufacturers to remove third-party app stores. This document says that since 2019, Google has applied a policy revenue sharing if smartphone manufacturers only install the Google Play app store exclusively on their devices, instead of installing another 3rd party app store. Some smartphone manufacturers like LG or Motorola are also allowed by Google share between 3 and 6% of the total revenue from selling apps on Google Play.

Neither Google nor Apple have commented on the documents Epic has just filed with the court.

The legal battle between the game company Epic and Apple flared up in August 2020, when the game developer announced to customers that it would begin to reduce prices when buying directly in the game Fortnite. Epic’s move is a violation of Apple’s policy, when iOS apps and games are only allowed to be paid for through Apple’s services, which forces developers to deduct 30% of revenue to Apple. After that, Apple removed Epic’s Fortnite game, leaving more than a billion iPhone and iPad users unable to access the game on the App Store.

Unable to find a common voice, Epic and Apple took each other to court, but so far there have been no final results.

According to Dantri/Politico/DTrends

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