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Revealed – The incident of attack on Kabul Airport was carried out by a single IS suicide bomber

US Military On Kabul Airport Attack: Last year in Afghanistan, only one suicide bomber of Islamic State (Single IS Bomber) carried out the blast at Kabul Airport. The US military said on Friday that a single Islamic State suicide bomber killed 13 US soldiers and at least 170 Afghans at Kabul airport in August last year. Regarding the results of the military inquiry, Marine General Frank McKenzie, the head of the US Central Command, told the media that the bomb was thrown among a crowded crowd at the AB gate of Kabul airport. The investigation did not find any solid evidence that anyone was shot.

The blast was carried out by a single suicide bomber

Frank McKenzie said that the outcome of the Military Inquiry differs from what we believed during the initial investigation. At that time there was information that along with the suicide attack, ISIS gunmen had also fired. This suicide attack took place on 26 August last year. When American soldiers were trying to help American and many Afghans escape after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. The incident forced President Joe Biden’s administration to respond to allegations that the State Department could have pulled Americans out sooner rather than risking American troops.

America later did a drone strike

The attack on Kabul airport made the US military very alert. 13 American soldiers and more than 170 Afghan civilians were killed in a suicide attack at Kabul airport. After which America did a drone strike in which 10 civilians were killed. The US called the drone street a sad mistake. Later the US also released a video of the drone strike.

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