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Revealed in the survey – Joe Biden will prove more effective president than Trump in terms of foreign policy

New York A survey of international relations experts claimed that if Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the 2020 election, foreign governments will be more willing to cooperate with the US than Donald Trump. Significantly, the US has a presidential election on November 3, in which the President of America, Donald Trump and Biden are face to face.

A teaching, research, and international policy (TRIP) survey of 708 scholars of international relations at American universities found that these experts are more likely to support Biden than Trump as president. At the same time, he also agrees that Biden will do better in achieving his foreign policy agenda.

The survey found that experts who describe themselves as Republicans and independents tend to be more skeptical of Trump’s approach to foreign policy.

92 percent support Biden
Those who took part in the survey said that foreign governments would be more willing to cooperate with America if Biden won the election than Trump. 92 percent of them supported Biden in this case, while only two percent supported Trump.

At the same time, 95 percent of the experts agreed that Biden would be a more effective president in foreign policy. At the same time, only five percent of the people considered Trump competent.

Other countries will not be able to affect the election result more
“Despite concerns of foreign interference in the election, most scholars are confident that Russia, Iran and China will not influence the election results much,” the survey said. “However, they believe that Attempts by foreign intervention will definitely erode American citizens’ confidence in the results of the election.

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