Resumption for minors in clubs in December, spectators in stadiums … Macron’s announcements on sport

How to save the world of sport, hard hit by the coronavirus crisis and the re-containment? During a videoconference of more than two hours with the sports world this Tuesday, November 17, the Head of State Emmanuel Macron, who recalled how much the sector ” counted “And said measure ” gravity “ of the situation, made several announcements. “The Obs” takes stock.

  • Resumption of sports activities for minors in clubs in December

This resumption, which depends on the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic, will be linked to the implementation of reinforced protocols, in particular for indoor sports, specified the Presidency of the Republic, at the end of this videoconference. in the presence of several ministers. The demand also comes from doctors who warn about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle among teens and children.

  • Launch of a “sport pass” for young people

Emmanuel Macron also announced the launch in 2021 of a “Sport pass” to help young people to practice a sporting activity, with a total cost of 100 million euros, also indicated the Elysee this Tuesday. Covid-19: “The only front where the Elysee does not fail, it is that of the erosion of our freedoms ”

The criteria for this aid intended for families to pay for membership in a club or buy equipment have yet to be defined, for a launch in 2021, the Elysee said.

  • No spectators in the stadiums before 2021

The return of the public to the stadiums “Not possible in December” due to the evolution of the epidemic, estimated Emmanuel Macron. The return of spectators will not take place before the beginning of the year 2021 and it will have to respect a gauge which will be linked to the capacity of the stadiums or rooms, also affirmed the Elysee on Tuesday.

  • Almost 400 million grants

In total, nearly 400 million aid will go to the entire sector, amateur, professional, sports halls. An amount announced to various sports personalities during this meeting in the presence of Prime Minister Jean Castex, Jean-Michel Blanquer (Education), Roxana Maracineanu (Sports), Bruno Le Maire (Economy).

The closing of the sports halls does not pass: “It is incomprehensible! “

To help clubs and associations immediately, a “Emergency fund” of 15 million euros, the same amount as before the summer, was released to help the structures most affected.

Professionals can practice their discipline well, tread lawns and parquet floors but without spectators, and therefore without revenue: this is why the aid to compensate the ticket office has been confirmed for nearly a hundred million euros. Capped at 5 million per club, it has received the approval of the EU.

The clubs will also be able to benefit from exemptions from contributions on salaries for the months of October, November and December (without criterion of drop in turnover) up to 105 million euros, a request supported by the ministry sports.

So far the sport had 120 million euros during the stimulus package in September. But now, the whole sector was calling for an emergency plan.

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