Restoration: the government increases aid to compensate for losses

Receiving additional aid: a matter of survival for Thomas Chapelle. With his two restaurants in Paris closed, 12 partial unemployment employees and zero turnover, this boss fears for the future: “It’s impossible to continue like this. The risk is to go out of business. “Today, a restaurateur can receive up to 10,000 euros per month if he can justify a 50% drop in turnover. This ceiling could be increased: restaurateurs could receive up to 15 % of their monthly turnover.

Aid that would cover the costs, but not pay yourself a salary. According to industry representatives, stepping up aid to restaurateurs is crucial if the closures are prolonged. Didier Cenet, president of GNI – Synhorcat (National grouping of independent hotel and catering companies) believes that “if these measures are not put in place, a minimum of 30% of establishments will go bankrupt in 2021“.

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