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Restaurant, travel… They made their marriage proposal

“I organized a weekend in Rome”

Aurelie, 32 years old

“My spouse had spoken to me more or less of marriage, but rather as a beautiful family bond. For my part, I did not attach any particular symbolism to this event. We often joked that if we were to get married, I would surely be the one to ask. I started getting carried away with a marriage proposal, booking a surprise trip to Rome and dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Being a designer, I designed the engagement ring. I kept the tradition of the diamond, but I had it set inside the ring surrounded by our initials. My partner found out a few days before we left for Rome but had absolutely no idea what event awaited him. During dinner, I clumsily took out the box to present the ring to him and ask him if he wanted to marry me. He answered yes and we ended the evening very moved by this new stage in our lives. All the more moved as I was six months pregnant! »

→ ANALYSIS. Less codified, still just as gendered, the marriage proposal continues to evolve

“The day I proposed to him that we live together, he thought that I was asking him to marry”

Juliet, 35 years old

“It all started with a misunderstanding. At the time, I was living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and my boyfriend in Sao Paulo. The day I asked him if we could live together in the same city, he thought I was asking him to marry him. Here, get married (casar in Portuguese) is synonymous with living under the same roof (home means house). A few years later, it was he who made his request in good and due form. We were in a restaurant on Copacabana beach, in Rio, facing the sea, and he gave me a ring. He even had two because he wasn’t sure of the size. When he took it out of his pocket, he almost knocked it over and I found his clumsiness very touching. Marriage was not a priority for us but as we have binational children, we thought it would be easier to formalize our union. »

→ MAINTENANCE. “Parents are more tolerant about the choice of spouse”

“I first proposed to his father”

Peter, 32 years old

“My girlfriend doesn’t know much about Paris, so I organized a weekend in the capital and, on the last evening, I invited her to a starred restaurant to ask her to marry him. I wanted it to be a surprise, but she suspected something and asked me if this weekend was going to turn our lives upside down. Funny detail: in this restaurant, you had to order in advance and I hadn’t realized that there were two bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne on the menu. Two is a lot. So I decided to make my request at the beginning of the meal to be sure to have a clear answer! I gave her a ring and asked her if she wanted to be my wife. The ring was too big but she said yes, without hesitation! I tell it with humor but, in reality, I made my proposal a bit old-fashioned by going to see his father before even talking to him about it. It wasn’t about asking her permission, but I knew it would make them both happy. »


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