Rescue the boy’s finger from the lock

HCMCThe 3-year-old boy, from Dong Nai, was taken to Children’s Hospital 2 with his thumb stuck in the rotating lock, bleeding.

Family members do not understand why the baby’s hand is stuck, struggling for more than an hour and still cannot take his finger out, so remove the lock and bring it to the hospital. The doctors reassured the baby, carried out the procedures to bring to the operating room.

Doctor Nguyen Trung Nhan, Orthopedics Department, on December 6, said that the rotating lock has a safety pin so the doctors pressed this button, gently separating each part, saving the boy’s thumb. .

“Fortunately, the finger of the child only has a thin layer of skin cut, only need to sew the wound”, Dr. Nhan shared.

The boy was taken to the hospital by a family member with a lock. Photo provided by the hospital.

Doctors recommend, between one and three years old, babies are curious and love to explore objects, everything around. Children often put objects in their mouths or pass them on their hands, observe the actions of adults and imitate them. There are children who are more active, running and playing with equipment, leading to unfortunate accidents.

“Items that seem beyond the possibility of causing an accident such as locks, in some situations also risk harm”, Dr. Nhan shared.

Therefore, parents need to create a safe environment for exploration, placing potentially dangerous objects out of the reach of children. Should the convention “forbidden circle”, for children to color, parents cut and paste places where not to play. Check for slippery places, leakage of electrical system in the house.

Parents also need to be mindful of the boundaries of hyperactivity and hyperactivity. If your child is playing around all the time, unable to sit still and focus on something, and don’t pause when prompted, the more likely it is that attention and activity disorders are manifestations. Children need to be promptly assessed, advised on strategies to support through behavioral practice, change the way of education, and combine drug treatment if necessary.

Le Phuong