Rescue patients with piercing heart stab

Quang NinhWhen opening the patient’s chest, the doctor discovered that the heart-penetrating wound 2.5 cm wide was spitting blood, and had to immediately stop the wound with his finger.

The 44-year-old patient, who had a stab wound in the heart, was agonizingly stimulating, bleeding a lot, had a drop in blood pressure, had a difficult pulse, was transferred to the Cam Pha Regional General Hospital for emergency treatment on the night of March 3. Realizing that this is a very serious case, the risk of death is very fast, the hospital activates a red alarm, mobilizes maximum manpower, emergency inter-hospital consultation with doctors specializing in cardiology surgery, the hospital General Department of Quang Ninh Province.

Doctors diagnosed the patient with cardiogenic shock due to penetrating the heart. The active resuscitation team places multiple lines into large vessels ready for infusion and blood. Fluids and fresh blood are also prepared to prevent massive blood loss when the heart is opened and stitched.

After 30 minutes, the surgical team of Quang Ninh General Hospital was supported by Dr. Pham Viet Hung – Head of Open Heart Surgery Team. The patient is opened along the sternum with an electric saw, a stiff pericardium filled with blood clots and thin blood compressing the heart. The team of doctors widened the pericardium to remove blood clots, released heart compression, checked that the front of the right ventricle had a 2.5 cm long wound through the heart wall that was spitting blood. The surgeon quickly used his finger to temporarily cover the wound, emergency blood transfusion.

Heart wounds are stitched, there are pads to avoid tearing the heart muscle as well as avoid the coronary arteries that feed the heart. The operation was successful after 90 minutes. After surgery, the patient’s health is stable.

Dr. Pham Viet Hung said, most patients with heart injuries will die before going to the hospital due to blood loss and heart compression. This patient was very fortunate to be admitted to the hospital because blood flowed from the heart, coagulated in the pericardium, limiting bleeding. Thanks to timely and accurate emergency, patients can maintain the time for the cardiac surgery team to arrive on time.

“We are delighted that this has been an unexpectedly successful operation,” said the doctor.

Doctors treat patients at the hospital. Image: Hospital provided

Thuy Quynh