Request social networks, websites to remove the video and suicide note of the male student who committed suicide

The leader of the Department of Education and Training (Ministry of Information and Communications) said that he had sent a request to social networking platforms and websites to stop posting, and to review and remove videos and suicide letters of male students.

The case that a male student attending a high school in Hanoi left a suicide note before jumping from the 28th floor to commit suicide on April 1 still shocked many people. Immediately after the authorities confirmed the incident, on social networks appeared a video believed to be from the camera extracted at the scene at 3:37 am, before the male student committed suicide in front of his father. Along with that is a suicide note saying goodbye to 1/4 that this male student has left.

Immediately, on Facebook and Youtube, there were videos showing the entire incident, and the letter from the male student, posted in detail, received hundreds of thousands of likes (likes), shares (shares). of social media users. Worth mentioning, some newspapers and websites also quoted these images.

Many people call for stopping sharing videos and suicide notes of male students

Information to VietNamNet reporter, Mr. Luu Dinh Phuc, Director of the Department of Broadcasting and Electronic Information (Department of Information and Communication) – Ministry of Information and Communications – said: “The Bureau has sent a request to social media platforms not to post the clip and the letter, because this is the privacy right of the victim’s family. The posting also violates the protection of children’s rights”, Mr. Phuc said.

In addition to requesting cross-border social networking platforms to review and remove the above-mentioned content, for domestic electronic information sites and social networks, the Department also immediately requested to send in groups for general direction of pages.

Currently, three units under the Ministry of Information and Communications, namely the Department of Information and Communications and Information Technology, the Press Department and the Department of Information Security, are coordinating to review and handle cases of individuals and organizations spreading and spreading information about images. Personal photo, letter from Hanoi male student who committed suicide.

In June 2021, the Prime Minister approved the program “Protecting and supporting children to have healthy and creative interactions in the online environment for the period of 2021-2025”. The program, chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communications, has been deployed with dual goals, namely: Protecting the secrets of private life and preventing and dealing with acts of taking advantage of the internet environment to abuse children, in which special attention is paid to children. attach importance to equipping children with age-appropriate knowledge and skills (digital immune system) so that children can recognize and protect themselves in the online environment; Maintain a healthy network environment, develop an ecosystem of Vietnamese products and applications for children to learn, connect, and entertain in a creative way. The Ministry of Information and Communications has also established a network of children’s rescue and protection in the online environment at website to verify support and respond promptly to reduce risks.

Everyone needs to be aware of the content they share on social networks

One of the problems posed to protect children online is the awareness of organizations and individuals.

According to Ms. Nguyen Phuong Thanh Truc, Co-Founder and CEO of CyberPurify – a unit that is participating in online child protection activities, said that technology companies and social networks are not allowed to collect information about children. children under the age of 13 and issues of children experiencing sexual abuse.

Social networks are self-created content, and once created, although it will be deleted soon, but it will exist forever on the Internet and there is no way to control it. “Given the nature of the Digital footprint, there is no way to stop this spread other than by being aware of how our actions will affect the victim’s family.” Ms. Truc said.

Sharing his personal opinion about this incident, expert Nguyen Quang Dong, director of the Institute for Policy Research and Communication Development (Vietnam Digital Media Association) commented: The sharing of clips and letters of male students Hanoi is not advisable, both from a moral and a legal perspective.

Currently, the clip and the letter are being shared by many people, the first thing that every individual using a social network should advise their friends and relatives to stop sharing; at the same time ‘report violations’ to social networking platforms for these statuses and posts.

This will help the platforms detect content that shouldn’t load faster and take action to remove it.

Second, social organizations can report the incident to the Department of Broadcasting and Electronic Information, the Ministry of Information and Communications and petition this agency to request social networking platforms to remove the video. above.

Finally, it is against the law to spread images from the camera without the family’s consent; therefore, the investigating agency needs to investigate clearly whether the family agrees to share the clip; if not, who leaked the images from that camera and consider the liability.

From a moral perspective, many people say that sharing clips and letters will have the effect of warning public opinion; help ‘wake up’ parents who are putting undue pressure on their children. However, under no circumstances should it be in the name of the public interest to create more pain and injury on the victim’s family.

Duy Vu – Van Anh

“I hope people stop commenting on suicide notes and hug their children”

Thousands of shares, millions of comments about the video and the suicide letter on April 1 left by a male student before committing suicide flooded the Internet. It will last forever like the cuts to the wounds of those who stay.


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