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Republican MP on US Capitol Violence – Donald Trump’s loyalists crowd was inspiring and patriotic

The ruckus caused by President Donald Trump’s supporters on the US Capitol (US Parliament) last week is being criticized worldwide. Action has been started till impeachment to remove the trump. Meanwhile, Republin MP Mike Aginger, who marched to the US Capitol in support of overturning Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, said Trump’s loyalist crowd was “inspiring and patriotic”. He said on Monday that Donald Trump had called him to DC.

Speaking to West Virginia Metro News, Ezinger said, “I think the president has made the mission clear.” Ezinger is one of more than 12 lawmakers from at least nine states who last Wednesday Were part of a mob that attacked the US Parliament House and supported unfounded allegations of fraud in the election.

Only one MP could go inside the Capitol, who was accused of a crime and resigned. Other MPs said that they had participated in the protest in a peaceful manner.

“Our president called us DC (Wansington DC),” said Ezinger. The FBI warned that armed people in 50 state capitals and Washington demonstrated before newly elected President Joe Biden took office on January 20. After which the security has been increased.

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