Rémy Julienne: the world of cinema and sport salutes “the trompe-la-mort”

Gilles Jacob, former president of the Cannes Film Festival, but also driver Romain Grosjean, stuntman Mario Luraschi and former Ferrari boss paid tribute to the stuntman who died on Thursday.

For his final stunt – that of the jump into the beyond – Rémy Julienne did not tremble.It is with these words, which would surely have appreciated the daredevil of the cinema, that Gilles Jacob, the former president of the Cannes Film Festival, wanted to pay homage to the one who will have seen his name appear on the poster of some 1400 films.

The accomplice of Jean-Paul Belmondo (14 feature films to defy danger together!) Has settled six James Bond, (from Just for your eyes in 1981 to Goldeneye in 1995), and classics of French cinema: The Atlantic Wall (Marcel Camus), The solitary (Jacques Deray), The brain (Gérard Oury), Adventure is adventure (Claude Lelouch). And he was also in the credits of The big mop with Louis de Funès: the German biker “who gets a pumpkin in the face“, it was him.

On the news of his death, big names in the seventh art and sport immediately saluted the memory of this motorcycle champion who, during a second career, became a stuntman without fear or reproach, capable of defying danger or of designing Stunning action scenes.

Julienne saved my life», Remembers Mario Luraschi

Thus the equestrian stuntman Mario Luraschi remembers a trompe-la-mort which saved his life after a failed horse stunt, ended in rapids. Julienne “made French cinema and waterfall shine all over the world“He told AFP.

The tributes also came from motorsport: it was a “man of exploits (who) will be missed“, Greeted the president of the International Automobile Federation Jean Todt, while the driver Romain Grosjean wished him to rest”in peace“.

Tireless, despite several infarctions and cancers, Rémy Julienne had passed the torch to his sons and grandsons, but continued, at over 80, to work for theme parks. He had only one philosophy shared with Georges Lautner, who liked to say as his “very professional fade” prefer: “What interests me is having fun, but you have to be credible” in “bullshit that turns into something useful“. And that is why today the world of sport and cinema cannot forget it.

Two years ago, Rémy Julienne came to Figaro to talk about his friend Jean-Paul Belmondo …


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