Rémy Julienne: a tribute to “movie buddies” in Saint-Roch

WE WERE THERE – Justine Poulin, the companion of the great stuntman, gathered her filming friends in the church of Paris dedicated to performing artists. Claude Lelouch, Benoît Magimel, Alain Terzian, Cyrielle Clair and many other personalities came to celebrate his memory.

The virus from which Rémy Julienne died on January 21, at the age of 90, did not allow his friends to come with him on the day of his burial in his native Cepoy. To repair this twist of fate, Justine Poulin, her partner, invited all her movie friends to come and celebrate her memory in Paris in the Saint-Roch church dedicated to performing artists.

Led by Claude Lelouch who used the talents of the ace of aces of the stunt in the cult Adventure is adventure and “who came to accompany a friend», A plethora of actors, directors and film technicians came to testify to the attachment that had linked them sometimes for more than half a century to the one who regulated the special effects of some six James bond. In this parterre we could recognize Benoît Magimel, Alain Terzian, Cyrielle Clair – who will confide that Jean-Paul Belmondo is “by thought with him, with us»-, Candice Patou, Bernard Menez, Daniel Russo, Katia Tchenko, Vincent Perrot but also the former rally champion Bernard Darniche.

No one, even those who could not move, will have forgotten “The Einstein of the waterfall” (dixit Claude Lelouch) since Costa-Gavras, the current boss of the Cinémathèque, and Gilles Jacob, the former boss of the Cannes Film Festival, had the delicacy to send messages of admiration for the cinematographic work of Rémy Julienne which were read aloud to the audience.

The love of risk and the risk of love

After very fine speeches from Philippe Pasquini, Yves de Richebourg, Vincent Perrot and Sam Bobino, specialists in stunts, who all insisted on the human and professional qualities of Rémy Julienne, because “never hothead he always tried to reduce the risks to a minimum», Father Luc Reydel devotes a very beautiful homily to him on the philosophical difference that exists between the love of risk and the risk of love, that is to say of life, which according to him will have been the raison d’être of Rémy Julienne.

Roger Moore: “Without Rémy Julienne, James Bond would not have existed”


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