Remove the ring from the 10-year-old girl’s esophagus

HCMCA 10-year-old girl in Binh Tan district, holding the ring to play, suddenly swallowed it on her stomach, February 14 afternoon.

The baby tried to vomit but could not get the object out, the family took the City Children’s Hospital for emergency. X-ray images show a ring blocking the third segment of the esophagus.

Foreign bodies on X-ray film. Photo provided by the hospital.

Doctor Le Duc Loc, an endoscopist of the Department of Gastroenterology, was assigned to the hospital to support the Tet crew. After the laparoscopic forceps moved to the top of the esophagus, the surgical team suddenly discovered that the ring was stuck firmly on the mucosa.

The doctor cautiously withdraws the foreign body, not excluding the risk that the ring is piercing the esophagus. Luckily, the foreign object was successfully picked up. If the ring continues to go deep into the abdomen, it can penetrate the intestines, causing perforation and obstruction.

The ring was successfully removed.  Photo provided by the hospital.

The ring was successfully removed. Photo provided by the hospital.

On New Year’s Eve, the hospital often receives children who have accidents choking new toys, new jewelry, lucky money, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds … When swallowed, foreign objects easily get stuck in the food route , causing difficulty breathing, abrasion, puncturing the mucosa where trapped and causing puncture, choking, danger … Parents need to pay attention to children, be alert to small objects in the house.

Le Phuong