Removal of two ovarian tumors in a 14-week pregnant woman

The patient was admitted to the Phu Tho Provincial Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology in a state of abdominal pain, abdominal distension, struggle, excitement, threat of miscarriage, on July 30. Doctors felt a tumor occupying most of the abdomen. The ultrasound image shows that there are tumors on both sides of the ovaries. In particular, the left ovary has a twisted tumor, pressing on the surrounding organs. Pregnant women had emergency laparoscopic surgery in the night to remove the tumor and save the fetus.

The team took out a twisted left ovarian tumor, size 30×35 cm, equivalent to 7 months pregnant and right ovarian tumor, size 3×4 cm. At present, the health of the mother and the fetus is stable.

The pregnant woman has a history of irregular menstrual periods and has been diagnosed with an ovarian tumor since late 2021, but has not intervened to treat the tumor. This case has a lot of potential risks when carrying a large tumor, compressing many organs in the body.

“If surgery is delayed, the tumor can be twisted more severely, leading to ovarian necrosis, ovarian cyst rupture, miscarriage, endangering the life of both mother and fetus,” said Dr. hospital director, said August 2.

Ccas, a laparoscopic doctor, cuts a tumor for a pregnant woman. Image: Hospital provides

Ovarian cyst torsion is a dangerous complication of ovarian cyst disease. The disease often has no obvious symptoms, so it is difficult to detect. Ovarian cysts come in two forms: pedunculated and pedunculated. Ovarian torsion cyst usually occurs with tumors with long stalks, moderate weight, 8-10 cm in diameter.

If an ovarian cyst has a stalk that is only slightly twisted, it will then return to its original position. If the torsion is stronger, the cyst will not be able to return to its original position. This twisting can cut off blood flow to the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Without prompt surgery, the cyst can become necrotic and rupture due to lack of blood supply. This leads to an inflammation of the peritoneum (also known as peritonitis), which is life-threatening.

Doctor Cong recommends that women should have regular checkups, pay attention to unusual pain symptoms of the body. In particular, pregnant women and women with a history of ovarian tumors should pay attention and monitor pregnancy problems as well as ovarian tumors.

When there are abnormal signs, especially abdominal pain or vomiting, pregnant women need to visit reputable medical facilities immediately. If there is an ovarian tumor or a twisted ovarian tumor, which requires intervention, doctors can treat it by laparoscopic surgery from the fetus over 12 weeks. With this method of treatment, the fetus will have a chance to be preserved and reduce miscarriage in women with ovarian cysts.

Image of torsion ovarian tumor measuring 30x35 cm was removed by laparoscopic method.  Photo: Provided by the hospital

Image of torsion ovarian tumor measuring 30×35 cm was removed by laparoscopic method. Image: Hospital provides


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