Remote consultation to save critical cancer patients

HanoiA 54-year-old woman with rectal cancer was treated as an emergency at Ha Dong Hospital due to rectal and vaginal fistula, and was consulted for surgery to remove the ileum.

Doctor Dao Thien Tien, Director of Ha Dong General Hospital, said on November 3 that this was one of the patients transferred from Viet Duc Friendship Hospital after the hospital had a case of Covid-19. The patient was diagnosed with rectal cancer in the middle third, had surgery at Viet Duc Hospital for 13 days.

At Ha Dong Hospital, during monitoring and treatment, the doctor discovered that the patient had symptoms of rectal-vaginal fistula. After consulting online via telehealth with Viet Duc Hospital, the doctor decided to surgically remove the ileum to make an artificial anus. The hospital prepares the operating room with full equipment and supplies, ensuring the conditions for disease prevention.

Doctor Pham Quang Hung, deputy head of the Department of Gastroenterology, who directly performed the surgery, said that the abdominal cavity had a lot of adhesions due to the old incision, so during the operation, laparoscopic support was used to remove the adhesions.

The surgery took place in 1.5 hours. Rectal-vaginal fistula is stable, the patient’s RT PCR test 5 times was negative. Currently, the patient is discharged home.

Ha Dong General Hospital is one of the facilities assigned by the Hanoi Department of Health to collect and treat Covid-19 patients from the beginning of 2020. This place arranges an operating room exclusively for weak patients. Covid-19 epidemiological factors when emergency situations occur.

The team of doctors is operating on a patient. Photo: Hospital provides

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