Refusing to carry the blind woman, Uber had to pay $ 1.1 million in compensation

An independent referee in the US asked the taxi technology company Uber to compensate $ 1.1 million for discriminating against customers with visual impairments was refused to carry up to 14 times.

The independent arbitrator also denied Uber’s view that it was not legally responsible for the behavior of the drivers, according to Guardian.

The victim is Lisa Irving – a blind person in San Francisco Bay, USA – filed a lawsuit against Uber in 2018 after being bullied by Uber drivers and refused to take her with her guide dog.

uber brother 1

The Uber side says it is not liable for the behavior of the drivers. Photo: Guardian.

The victim’s lawyer said Uber drivers left Ms. Irving in the middle of the night, making her late at work and fired.

In addition, two times, the Uber driver bullied and threatened her with words.

Ms. Irving said she was worried about her safety after being stuck on the street several times late at night due to the Uber driver’s rejection.

One time a driver even cut her ride short by lying that she had reached her destination.

This discrimination did not end after she filed a complaint with Uber.

In a statement to the media following the ruling, an Uber spokesperson said the company was “proud” of the help it provided to visually impaired passengers.

“Uber drivers are expected to serve riders with assistance animals and comply with the laws and regulations. We regularly train drivers for that responsibility, “an Uber spokesperson said.

“Our dedicated team reviews each complaint and takes appropriate action,” added the spokesperson.

According to the Zing / Guardian

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