Reduced libido due to high demand from the wife

HanoiA 37-year-old male patient examines a man because of reduced libido, no longer interested in marriage.

He said his wife has a very high demand, requiring 2 to 3 times a day. He suffers from unreasonable stress and pressure, leading to an inability to erect and ejaculate normally. The relationship between husband and wife worsens. He often made excuses to go to work far away to escape, sometimes coming home once a week, his sex drive gradually decreased. After a while, the wife had sex with another person, so both divorced. Currently, he has not regained his desire even though he has a girlfriend.

Doctor Nguyen Hoai Bac, Head of Department of Namology and Sexual Medicine, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, on April 6, said that this problem is quite common in men when going to see men.

According to the doctor, in married life, harmony will help the relationship between the two become even closer. Regular sex in middle-aged men also enhances testosterone production, prevents aging as well as metabolic diseases in the body.

“However, having too much sex can make the partner uncomfortable, gradually affecting the psychology and the need to have sex”, the doctor emphasized.

The recommended frequency of intercourse is about two to three times per week. In case the sexual partner has too many demands, men should limit direct sex and can use other methods to have a fulfilling sex life.

Note before and after each sex to clean the external genitals with warm water. Genital organs are susceptible to inflammation, foreskin inflammation, infections or other gynecological or urinary diseases. Abstain from having sex while on treatment for an infectious disease, women during their periods or who are pregnant, especially in the first trimester, and seek immediate medical attention when abnormal.

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