Red alert on Disney+: How the red panda became the symbol of adolescence

DECRYPTION – In this Pixar animated film, a schoolgirl turns into a red panda when her hormones take over… Meeting with the director Domee Shi who drew on her happy youth in Toronto.

Don’t be fooled by the rounded, naive pastel graphics, like the fluffy giant red panda that adorns the poster. Red alert, latest from Pixar studios that ends like its predecessors Drunk and Luke directly on Disney+, has impertinence to spare and taboos to shake up.

Oscar winner for short film Bao, director Domee Shi drew on her past to imagine the adventures of a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian schoolgirl. Malignant allegory of puberty. A studious only child, Meilin Lee would never dare to go to karaoke with her friends and challenge her mother, who relies on her to maintain and visit the family temple. But even filial piety can do nothing against hormones.

With music by Billie Eilish

Besieged by unwanted crushes, Meilin Lee transforms into a giant red panda as emotion overwhelms her. This spell which is transmitted from mother to daughter could, however, prove to be a chance in the quest of Meilin Lee and her friends to obtain tickets…

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