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Recruitment of teachers: more than 4,000 positions not filled in competitions in 2022

More than 4,000 positions have not been filled during the teacher competitions organized in 2022, out of a total of 27,332 opened by national education in the public and private sectors, the ministry announced on Thursday July 7. At the national level, the rate of positions filled in the first public degree is 83.1%, whereas it was 94.7% in 2021. For middle schools and high schools, the coverage rate, excluding additional lists, is to 83.4% for the current session while it was 94.1% in 2021, said the ministry.

This unprecedented crisis in teacher recruitment is reflected “by strengthening the recruitment of contract workers in order to prepare for the start of the 2022 school year in good conditions and preserve replacement capacities in the academies”, said the Ministry of National Education.

Recruitment gap

As expected, the results of the first degree teacher competitions reveal serious recruitment deficits in the Ile-de-France academies. Thus, in the academy of Créteil, the various competitions will make it possible to recruit only a little more than 900 candidates out of the 1,665 open positions. “The position differential will be covered by contract teachers”, provide ministry.

Same situation in the academy of Versailles, with just over 900 candidates admitted for 1,600 positions put out to competition. “The academy has also renewed more than 400 contractual staff, and 600 new contractual teachers have already been recruited”, according to national education.

Different distribution according to subjects

In secondary education, in a certain number of disciplines with large enrollments, all open positions are filled (in particular in history-geography, Spanish, SVT, physical education and sports). On the other hand, some disciplines remain ” under pressure “ such as classics, where 57% of positions are filled, or German (only 55% of positions filled, against 70 to 81% during the previous three years).

Some disciplines have admission rates “insufficient” such as physics-chemistry, where 66.7% of positions are filled (80 to 100% during the previous three years), mathematics, where 68.5% of positions are filled (compared to 84 to 92% during the previous three years ) or modern literature, where 83.5% of positions are filled (compared to 98 to 100%).


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