Recruitment: algorithms to hire candidates

In 2021, it is possible to glimpse a world where we would no longer be recruited by humans, but by robots: no more traditional interviews, now it is algorithms that classify us, evaluate us. Today, artificial intelligence analyzes our voice, our speech, but also our facial expressions. Should we trust machines or worry about them?

Betting on algorithms is the Meteojob company’s bet: here, it is not a human, but a machine that completely scans the CVs to extract the data. The score of each candidate is given according to the six million CVs already analyzed. Objective: to treat applications with greater impartiality. Easyrecrue goes further: from a video sent by the candidate, his voice and his speech are scrutinized by artificial intelligence: 200 criteria are used, from the richness of the language to the elocution.

Algorithm learns from data that reflects choices people have made, alert Marie David, author of “Artificial intelligence: the new barbarism”. If I train an algorithm on past recruitments, as it will observe that I only recruit men, it will only present me with men: it will reproduce the existing biases“.

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