Recovery plan: call for applications

Planet ‘Puzzles, located in Behren-lès-Forbach in Moselle, is the European leader in puzzle sales. In this company, 24 employees take turns to ship between 15 and 20,000 boxes on average each day. Since the start of the epidemic, demand has practically doubled. Employees are increasing overtime.

In full swing, the company therefore applied to benefit from the plan “France relaunch ”. These are financial aid from the State to help businesses develop despite the economic context. Thanks to these grants, Éric Lathière-Lavergne, the founder, invested in new premises and created a local production site. This stimulus plan will allow us to make an investment of 2 and a half million euros and thanks to the state aid of 650,000 €, all the puzzles that are here, which are made in Poland, Turkey and in Slovakia, and well tomorrow, they will be manufactured in Moselle”, Explains the founder of the company.

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