Reconversion: how does the new device launched by Emmanuel Macron work?

The French who wish to retrain will be able to rely on the new device launched by Emmanuel Macron on Monday 1er February. The major point lies in the collective transitions. “The principle: help an employee whose position is threatened to switch to a new profession that recruits from the same job pool, without going through the redundancy box“, explains the journalist France Télévisions David Boéri, on the set of 19/20, Wednesday February 3.

This device should make it possible to respond to a real paradox of the economic crisis linked to Covid-19. Indeed, “in the same geographical area, you may have an industrial company in difficulty while others, in the logistics, IT or health sector, cannot recruit. There, it becomes possible to organize retraining“, adds the journalist. It is therefore necessary to identify the positions in difficulty, possible future recruitments and the necessary training. In addition, the employee keeps his salary and his employment contract during all his training.

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