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Reconversion: a second life as a teacher

This is his very first class. Back to school 2020, Zoé Cazals has an appointment with her class of 4e at the Parisian college La Grange aux belles. At 25, she may have an eloquent CV (Dauphine, Télécom-Paris, beginning of a career in luxury, advertising, consulting), the stage fright wins her, while this English session begins, focused on study of a song by Billie Eilish.

This contract worker, who attended school in New York, relies on her small age gap with the students to share her love of the language. But he will have to find the right distance. “I just gave my first hour of glue! “, she confides, a month later.

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While the colleges have been operating remotely since the beginning of April, Zoé Cazals now feels more than ever ” useful “. “I multiply the video sessions, offer my students to take additional lessons, make them discover films and songs in English on Whatsapp…”

In 2020, 48,000 candidates for retraining

If the young woman joined teaching, it is because she allowed herself to be convinced, and supported, by The Choice of School, an association which works to attract graduates wishing to contribute to a fairer education. .

In his priority education college, four of the thirty-nine teachers are pursuing second careers. A representative proportion of a national phenomenon since, according to the ministry, “Candidates from the public or private sectors constitute 9% of external recruitments”. In 2020, 48,000 people entered a teaching competition with a view to retraining. With a success rate lower than that of student candidates.

At La Grange aux Belles, two maths teachers, a discipline which is sorely lacking in vocations, were previously engineers. After twelve years in the Ministry of Equipment, Nicolas Recotillon has grown bored. “The State subcontracts to the private sector which is very technical. And the job, focused on project management and financial monitoring, sometimes boiled down to filling in Excel tables. I use my math skills a lot more as a teacher ”, he says, ten years after obtaining his competition.

“A tremendous boost of life”

Ten years is also the time it took him to regain his previous salary level. And again, Nicolas Recotillon has retained his seniority as a civil servant. A chance that does not have his colleague Adib Fares, 43 years old, passed by two companies of financial software and which saw his incomes unscrewed. But it suffices to observe the generosity with which this son of teachers teaches geometry to his students of 5e to convince oneself that money is only one of the variables. ” I learn a lot. To manage my voice, to endure the noise, to be patient in order to better share the pleasure of math ”, he confides.

For Adib Fares, it is a “Family event” which precipitated the seesaw. As for Gilles Vernet, who abandoned his “Exhilarating” job of “trader” with inhuman hours, in order to be able to accompany his sick mother. “This confrontation with death led me to ask myself the question of meaning”, traces the one who gradually became a part-time school teacher and who connects books (1) and films inspired by this educational relationship.

“The results are much more tangible than when you are just a link in a company. Taking care of children projects you into the future, in a tremendous leap of life, he testifies. I know why I get up in the morning. “

” Do my best “

A quest for meaning that also prompted Marion Armangod to knock on the door of National Education. Application file, express interview and there you have it, ten days later, the ex-radio journalist who arrives, without any training, in a school in Seine-Saint-Denis. “I was supposed to spend a day observing. But one of the teachers, burned out, did not come back after the break. And I found myself alone in front of his kindergarten students ”, she recalls.

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Substitute, Marion Armangod now travels the department “Without support, to do my best, while fearing to harm the students’ future”. A year full of surprises: “False ceilings that fall, rats in the yard, schools where we do class in coats for lack of heating …”

Marion Armangod gave up teaching to produce podcasts. She also wrote a book retracing this parenthesis “Exciting” (2). “I loved it, I could even go back… But under other conditions. “


Catholic education also relies on retraining

Also faced with a shortage of candidates, Catholic Education launched a communication campaign in early April to attract new audiences to the teaching profession.

Relayed on the site, It is aimed at students but also professionals wishing to operate a retraining, in particular among the parents of schoolchildren in the network.

For years, Catholic education attracts many second-career teachers, some of whom wish to live, as contractors, without going through a competitive examination, an experience over a limited period of time. “What in any case to bring new blood and develop the teaching culture”, underlines its general secretariat.


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