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Reconfinement: the students will wear the mask from the first grade

Since the start of the health crisis, the issue of children’s vulnerability to Covid-19 has been a sea serpent: are they super-contaminators? Should they be masked? A new stage in the debate has just been taken, this Thursday, October 28, with the announcement made by the government that the opening of nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools from Monday, November 2 would be subject to the wearing of the mask in continuous by all students, from CP.

→ PRACTICAL. Reconfinement: what is allowed and what is prohibited

Will this new compromise be such as to reconcile the a priori opposed positions of certain doctors? “At first, as no one knew the virus and we thought that children were more often asymptomatic than others, schools were closed”, recalls Doctor Michaël Rochoy, general practitioner member of the Stop Postillons collective. The idea was to protect the youngest, but also, indirectly, the staff and families. Closing schools was seen as a good lever to curb the circulation of the virus.

For the mask, even badly worn!

However, as early as April, pediatricians stepped up to denounce measures that were more harmful than useful for children themselves. In particular, they have argued that very few of them develop severe forms of the disease and that they would not be the long suspected super-contaminators. In fact, only 12 children under 10 are currently hospitalized in intensive care.

→ MAINTENANCE. Reconfinement: open schools, “a relief for parents of students”

These pediatricians were rather alarmed at the damage that confinement and the lack of schooling had caused their young patients: increase in domestic violence, dropping out of school for the most vulnerable, etc. They therefore called for a return to class as quickly as possible, and without a mask. A position relayed within the government by the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer.

On the eve of reconfinement, a new balance has finally been found. On Monday, the children will all come back to class, but masked. The measure particularly satisfies the “Stop postillons” collective. The mask would be, according to Michaël Rochoy, a good measure, even if it is not always worn in the rules of the art. “We know very well that only the older ones will put it on correctly. But it’s not that bad. Already this should limit contamination between students ”, he asserts.


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