Reconfinement: the measure overwhelms companies

Wednesday October 28, Emmanuel Macron announced the reestablishment of confinement until December 1. In a metal parts company, the pace had resumed its normal pace for only a few months after stopping activity during the first confinement. A bad memory for employees, who want and will be able to come to work if their employer provides them with a certificate. For Daniel Lilian Matthey, the president, the future is bleak: “There won’t be any new investment, probably, in 2021, at least over the next six months. As for hiring, today the only thing we try to do […] it is not to renew the people who leave“.

Many companies are wondering if they will be able to survive these new restrictions. Francois Asselin, president of the general confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises, insists on the need to “postpone the repayment of the loan guaranteed by the State by an additional year“, and the treatment”final rent problem“. In recent months, corporate debt has broken records: 600,000 have already had recourse to loans guaranteed by the State.

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