Real Madrid demand ‘answers’ after chaos at Stade de France

Real Madrid asked this Friday, June 3 for “answers” on the treatment inflicted on his supporters during the Champions League final and called for “determine who is responsible” chaotic scenes at the Stade de France.

In view of “unfortunate events that took place on May 28th” near the Stade de France, Real Madrid want to know “what criteria were taken into consideration” for Paris to host the final, the club wrote in a press release published in “fan defense”.

The sequel after the ad

“The only aggressiveness we saw came from the French police”: they testify to the chaos at the Stade de France

“We also demand answers and explanations to determine who are responsible for leaving the fans unguarded and helpless”continues the press release, which assures that the “Madridistas” had a “general behavior at all times exemplary”.

Delinquent acts

The most important match of the season in Europe, won by Real Madrid (1-0) against Liverpool, was marred by numerous incidents on Saturday, with the use of force deemed disproportionate by the French police.

Many Liverpool fans with tickets had to wait hours to enter the stadium as police used tear gas and pepper spray to push back the crowd, which included children.

Chaos at the Stade de France: shame beyond borders

Several Real Madrid supporters were victims of crime after the match, including robberies and assaults.

The sequel after the ad

“As the uplifting media images have shown, many supporters have been assaulted, harassed, attacked […] Some of them even had to spend the night in the hospital because of their injuries”underlines Real Madrid in its press release.

Darmanin maintains his version

“Our supporters deserve an answer but also that the relevant responsibilities be released so that situations like those experienced that evening are eradicated from football and sport forever”adds the club.

Incidents at the Stade de France: the course of this evening of chaos

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who has blamed British fans from the start, believing they are largely responsible for the incidents, apologized on Wednesday for the disastrous organization of the final.

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Gérald Darmanin, however, maintained his controversial version according to which the overflows would be linked to the fact that “35,000” supporters more than the expected gauge would have presented themselves at the Stade de France, provided according to him with falsified tickets or without a ticket.

The sequel after the ad

Liverpool chairman Tom Werner has also demanded an apology from French authorities, while UEFA, Europe’s football governing body, has commissioned an independent report into the incidents.

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