Real estate: young households at the heart of the battle for access to credit

Posted on Dec. 2020 at 18:56Updated 14 Dec. 2020 at 18:57

For months, they meticulously planned everything. From the search for the house in the vicinity of Rennes to the file for the loan application, nothing was left to chance. As the first real estate purchase requires, this young couple in their thirties did not count the time, energy and emotions invested in this project which was to help them put an end to a complicated year. So when in early fall the bank finally refused to grant them financing, this return to reality came as a shock.

It’s almost too hard to go back to this episode to talk about it », They confide. The blow is all the more severe as they did not expect it. With their two permanent contracts, they earn a total of 2,800 euros per month and have savings of just over 10,000 euros. The amount of their real estate project – the purchase of land and the construction of their house – amounted to 210,000 euros.

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