Real estate credit: insurers are stepping up to the plate against “fake news” on vaccines

Posted on Jul 26, 2021, 10:03 AMUpdated Jul 26, 2021, 2:57 PM

The rumor is circulating enough on social networks to force insurers to deny it in black and white. This “fake news” affirms that people vaccinated against Covid-19 risk seeing their mortgage contract become null and void.

It all started with a video posted on TikTok, AFP reveals. We see a woman claiming that a person who has taken out a mortgage could have their home confiscated by the bank, in the event of vaccination against the virus. She explains that a clause would prohibit participation in “medical experiments”.

“No exclusions relating to the consequences of vaccination”

Informed of this rumor – fed by other Internet users on various social networks – the French Insurance Federation (FFA) denied it in a press release at the end of last week.

It is in fact within borrower insurance contracts, almost systematically required in the context of a mortgage, that certain grounds for exclusion of guarantee can be entered. But “insurance contracts do not provide for exclusions relating to the consequences of vaccination”, indicates the FFA.

As for the bank, it “cannot in any case seize the good, except in the event of non-repayment of credit, and that takes a lot of time. The borrower is very well protected ”, specifies Sandrine Allonier, research director of the broker Vousfinancer.

Conversely, can we imagine that, from a certain age, vaccination will be required in the future to subscribe to borrower insurance? This is not on the agenda, according to Sandrine Allonier: “I do not think that there could be a vaccination obligation. In France, there are already compulsory vaccines, and yet they are not mentioned in the health questionnaire to be completed as part of a loan insurance. “

Other inconsistency

Another inconsistency of this video, she argues that the vaccine is in the testing phase, which is also false. The Covid-19 vaccines available in France benefit from a conditional marketing authorization.

This allows you to continue to submit data after their launch, but there is no question of talking about “medical experimentation” for all that.

According to Sandrine Allonier, there is in any case no exclusion related to taking part in medical experiments within insurance contracts. “We studied several contracts to find that. It really comes out of nowhere, ”she certifies.

This is not the first time that the FFA has faced such rumors. Last March, she had already had to speak out to contradict a similar disinformation, relayed in particular on Twitter, this time concerning life insurance contracts. As for borrower insurance, she recalled that the “consequences of a vaccination” were in no way included in the exclusions provided for in the contracts.

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