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Read, this report of abp news reached the most dangerous war-zone of Russia-Ukraine war

Wherever you look, houses, government buildings, hospitals and schools were destroyed in the bombing. Tanks and armored vehicles with the ‘Z’ mark running on the road. Flags of Russia and the Donetsk People’s Republic in place. Bomb disposal squad neutralizing live bombs and mines in place. This is the identity of Donetsk, the most dangerous war-zone of the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine. The team of ABP News is in both these days and has captured this frightening scene of war with its own eyes and camera.

Donetsk town of Donbass is about 100 kilometers from the city of Rostov-on-Don in the southern part of Russia. In the name of this city, Russian President Putin declared war on Ukraine and declared a separate Donetsk nation. Apart from Donetsk, Putin has also declared Luhansk, another province of Donbass independent.

20 people died

As soon as we entered Donetsk city, we saw a grounded multi-storey apartment building ie a multi-storey building. According to the information, during the war Ukraine had fired missiles at this building. In this attack, 20 people living in the residential building lost their lives. Underneath the building lies all the debris, from glass windows and doors to ruined fridges, coolers, pillows and household items.

The Russian army and local people allege that there was no military camp or activity of any kind, yet Ukraine targeted innocent civilians here. Everything seems normal from the Russian border to the city of Donetsk. Cars are running on the roads, buses and trams are also running. People are going to their office and work. On streets and buildings, however, the national flag of Russia as well as the flag of the new Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) are visible.

On roads and highways, check-posts of the Russian army and Donetsk militia, ie rebels, are visible everywhere. But there are bunkers of soldiers on both sides of the road. According to the Russian army, the Russian troops and the Russian-backed Donetsk militia ie rebels ‘dominate’ till the front of the city of Donetsk, so there is no longer a Ukrainian army here. That is, the soldiers of Ukraine have been expelled from here. But every part of the city has been heavily guarded by Russian soldiers and rebels in their possession.

Police and ‘Z’ number vehicles are seen patrolling the streets as well as parked from place to place. But even during this time the sound of bomb blasts could be heard from afar. The scene changes completely as soon as you come to the outskirts of Donetsk city. Here the villages of the villages and the towns of the towns are seen desolate. The houses have fallen for about half a kilometer from a line. All of them have become targets of bombings and missiles. People here are without homes and are forced to take shelter in public places.

completely devastated till the hospital

Even the hospital on the outskirts of Donetsk has succumbed to the war. Even the hospital has been completely destroyed. The windows and doors and the glass have all been shattered. The stretchers and wards that used to lay the patient have been ruined. Medicines in the medical store have been shattered. Government buildings, restaurants have all been burnt down.

Convoys of tanks and armored vehicles are passing among the people in fear in the city. There is a fear in the minds of people that after 46 days the war may not start again. Bomb disposal squad is engaged in neutralizing the mines where buildings have collapsed in the city. Because there are many places where bombs did not explode. Those places have been kept ‘out of bounds’ by the army and the police for the local people.

Meanwhile, here we saw a school where the people of Donetsk are celebrating independence from Ukraine. The school is completely destroyed in the bombing. But school children and Abhivak are together to celebrate their unity day. The flag of Donetsk is erected with the Russian flag and people are singing their freedom songs here.

The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) i.e. the new country, Denis Pushlin, also addressed the international media present in the city of Donetsk and told how much damage Donetsk has suffered in the last 46 days.

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