Rare syndrome makes pregnant women confused, hemiplegic

Phu-ThoA 31-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital with headache, epileptic seizures, left hemiplegia, and was diagnosed with a rare cerebral circulatory disorder.

Doctor Ha Thi Bich Van – Head of Emergency Department, Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital, on July 4, said the patient gave birth 5 days ago, had a history of hypertension but did not receive treatment.

On admission, the patient was confused, had generalized convulsions, and left hemiplegia. Brain scan results revealed many lesions, brain edema.

The patient was diagnosed with a rare reversible posterior cerebral circulation disorder (PRES). Fortunately, the patient was admitted to the hospital early and treated in time.

After two days of treatment with anticonvulsants and blood pressure control, the pregnant woman’s consciousness improves, she can sit up and eat.

According to Dr. Van, PRES is a neurotoxic state that occurs secondary to the inability of posterior cerebral circulation to self-regulate in response to acute changes in blood pressure.

The main cause of the disease is hypertension in the postpartum period or in pregnant women with preeclampsia, acute glomerulonephritis, systemic lupus erythematosus,… Typical symptoms are headache, convulsions, confusion. mental disorders, visual disturbances.

Doctors recommend that pregnant women go to the doctor regularly, especially in the last three months of pregnancy to monitor blood pressure, urine tests and blood tests when necessary. After giving birth, women need to monitor their health, when there are abnormalities, they need to be hospitalized immediately for treatment during the golden period, reducing complications.

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