Rare ‘Nobel Round Table’ at VinFuture Science Week

Based on in-depth research at leading science and technology centers in the world, at the seminar “Science for Life” within the framework of VinFuture Week, scientists will make detailed forecasts and outline the future. future of mankind.

Taking place all day on January 19, the seminar “Science for Life” is considered a “red address” of the global science and technology world when bringing together outstanding minds of the contemporary world to participate. VinFuture Awards Week (January 18-22, 2022). Through the lens of people with knowledge power that can change the world, the future of humanity will be outlined in detail in 3 areas: Energy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Health.

The “Future of Energy” session is like a “Nobel Round Table” when it brings together two Nobel laureates, Prof. Sir. Konstantin (Kostya) S. Novoselov, Prof. Gérard Mourou and the winner of the 2010 Physics Technology Millennium Prize – Prof. Sir. Richard Henry Friend.

GS. Novoselov, the world’s youngest physics Nobel laureate, is the birthplace of the supermaterial graphene, which is expected to become a mainstream material in the future. GS. Mourou, the 2018 Nobel laureate in Physics, is considered the “father” of ultra-short pulse laser amplification technology – a technique used in eye surgeries for millions of people each year. Meanwhile, GS. Friend is again recognized worldwide when his research results have laid the foundation for the birth of OLED screens – a common part in electronic devices such as televisions, smartphones… nowadays.

Here, the questions about the most important alternative energy sources in the future, how to make energy cleaner, cheaper and easily accessible to the vast majority of people around the world… will have answers. satisfactory. This will be a topic of great interest to both the scientific world and the business community.

At the “Future of Artificial Intelligence” session, the world’s leading “real combat” scientists such as Dr. Padmanabhan Anandan, Prof. Jennifer Tour Chayes, Dr. Xuedong David Huang, Dr. Bui Hai Hung… will provide an overview of the impact of AI on people’s lives, how to create competitive advantages, eliminate the gap between countries as well as potential risks or ethical aspects. Germany should consider.

This is a rare opportunity for researchers and the Vietnamese public to meet and talk directly with famous names that contribute to the power of technology “giants” such as Microsoft, Google or Adobe…

Dr. Padmanabhan Anandan is Former Founder and CEO of Microsoft Research India, Vice President at Adobe Research with expertise in computer vision, visual motion analytics, video surveillance and modeling. 3D scene. GS. Jennifer Tour Chayes is the Managing Director of three Microsoft Research centers in Cambridge, New York and Montreal. Microsoft Corporation Chief Technology Officer – Xuedong David Huang currently owns 170 patents, plays a very important role in robots research so that they can see, hear, understand and maximize human life. . Meanwhile, Dr. Bui Hai Hung, a familiar face to the Vietnamese AI world, used to hold important positions at Google DeepMind and Adobe Research, AI Center, and SRI International.

Rare 'Nobel Round Table' at VinFuture Science Week

Attracting the most attention is probably the “Future of Health” session when here, the holders of the “health keys” of the future will discuss the progress of medicine in life, responsibility responsible for stakeholders in the field of health and especially hot issues surrounding the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and its variants.

Notably, at this forum, the public will hear the very scientists who laid the foundation for the technology to create a Covid-19 vaccine reveal about the nearly 30-year journey of preparation to be able to produce something ” effective weapon” in the fight against the global pandemic. It is a trio of scientists including: Prof. Pieter Rutter Cullis, pioneer in gene therapy using lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technology; GS. Drew Weissman and Dr. Katalin Kariko – co-recipient of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences 2021 with mRNA technology that shortens the production time of vaccines from a few years to just a few months.

Attending the seminar, the South African-born professor and wife, Salim Safurdeen Abdool Karim and Quarraisha Abdool Karim, will also share about the “miracle” gel Tenofovir. This is considered a breakthrough invention that can help reverse HIV/ADIS epidemic and many other dangerous infectious diseases in the future.

Right after the seminar “Science for Life”, the owner of the prestigious VinFuture awards, with a total value of 4.5 million USD, will be officially revealed in the awards ceremony held at 20:10 pm on 20/02. 01 at the Hanoi Opera House.

According to information from the BTC, with safety as the top priority, the organizers have planned to carefully prepare for Covid-19 testing for all guests participating in VinFuture events, in order to ensure safety in the area. the highest level for this world-class event.

VinFuture Science Week has 4 main activities:

– January 18, 2022: Exchange program with the Award Council and the Preliminary Council, where famous scientists share stories of passion, achievements and sacrifices of scientists .

– January 19, 2022: The seminar “Science for Life” consists of 3 discussion sessions, each session will last for 90 minutes with the following topics: Future of Energy, Future of Artificial Intelligence and Future of Artificial Intelligence. future of Global Health.

– 20:10 on January 20: VinFuture Award Ceremony at Hanoi Opera House (Live broadcast on VTV1 and major domestic and international social networking platforms).

– January 21: Exchange with the owner of the VinFuture Award.

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