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Rapid increase in cases of corona infection in America, so many people are dying everyday

COVID-19 In US: New cases of Kovid-19 are increasing rapidly in America. More than a year after the introduction of the Kovid-19 vaccination in the US, there is a huge increase in new cases of infection. On an average, 2,65,000 new cases are being reported here daily. Due to the Omicron variant of the corona virus, a significant increase in new cases is being seen. In view of the increasing threat of corona infection, many programs organized on the occasion of New Year are being canceled.

Rapid increase in cases of Kovid-19 in America

According to Johns Hopkins University of America, the number of daily new cases of Kovid-19 in mid-January earlier this year was 2,50,000. Due to the increase in the cases of corona infection, most of the programs organized on the occasion of Christmas and New Year are being canceled. Thousands of flights are being canceled due to the shortage of staff working in the aviation service.

An average of 1500 people die every day in America

In the US state of California, the cases of corona virus infection have crossed the 50 lakh mark. It has become the first state with the most known cases of infection. This information has been given in government figures on Tuesday. In many states, an increase is being registered in the cases of corona-infected being admitted to hospitals. These include cases of other variants of Kovid-19 along with Omicron. During the last two weeks in the US, the number of deaths due to Kovid-19 has also increased from an average of 1200 to about 1500 per day. At present, special attention is being paid to vaccination.

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