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Rape accused Nityananda declared visa for Kailasa, told where to get flight

new Delhi: In the rape case, accused and fugitive Nityanand are once again in the headlines. Actually, Nityananda claimed last year that he had created a country named ‘Kailasa’. Now the reason that they are in the headlines is that they have now announced a visa in their country.

Will have to take flight from Australia – Nityanand

An alleged video of Nityananda has surfaced on social media, in which he claimed that his own chartered flight is now ready to come to Kailasa. With the help of which people will be able to come to Kailasa. At the same time, he said that the person coming here will be allowed to stay only for three days. He told in this video that people will have to take a flight from Australia for Kailasa.

Nityananda claimed to have every facility in Kailasa

After which it is now expected that the location of this country of Nityananda is around Australia. In this video, it has also been claimed that people coming on visa will be shown darshan of Param Shiva. Let me tell you, Nityananda is an accused in the rape case. He fled the country after the charge. Last year, he claimed to have created Kailasa Desh. At the same time, he also told through video that there is every kind of facility in his country. He has also claimed to be the government and minister.

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