Ralph Fiennes, elegant and seductive

PORTRAIT – Hero of the third part of the saga Kingsman, the British actor never ceases to surprise. Far from his shy facade, he does wonders in sometimes unexpected roles.

Gray suit, black shirt, short hair and measured verb, Ralph Fiennes appears as in himself. Man-made elegance, the 59-year-old British actor even has the courtesy of welcoming you to Zoom by saying your first name without an accent.

The one Steven Spielberg said in 1993, after making him a hateful Nazi torturer in Schindler’s List, than “If he chooses the right roles, and does not forget the theater, he could become the next Alec Guiness or Laurence Olivier” has never ceased to surprise over the decades. With a talent and ingenuity that command respect.

In his new film, The King’s Man: First Mission, by Matthew Vaughn, Fiennes plays an English aristocrat, the Duke of Oxford, who, with his son, will found the famous and so secret spy agency responsible for protecting England, under the guise of being just one chic tailor shop on Savile Row, London. “What prompted me to embark on this original spy saga…

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