Rain beams are prone to skin diseases

Exposure to rain water for a long time, the skin is prone to inflammation, urticaria, interstitial fungus; Wearing a raincoat for too long is also easy to get rashes and acne.

In the past few days, the weather in the North has been heavy rain, many places flooded. According to experts, long-term rain with waterlogging can easily cause a number of skin diseases.

Doctor Hoang Van Tam, Deputy Head of the Department of Day Inpatient Treatment, National Hospital of Dermatology, explained that in a humid environment, the skin is susceptible to bacteria that cause impetigo, the sign of which is reddening and itching on the surface of the skin. In more severe cases, blisters will appear.

In addition, the skin is infected with parasites such as tapeworm larvae, larvae migrate in the skin. Persons infected with tapeworm larvae will appear white, mosquito-like, swollen papules, where the red papule has a small blister the size of a pin. Patients find itchiness, scratching a lot, the infected papules fester more and more severe. Migratory dermatophytosis is a clinical syndrome with skin lesions characterized by a migratory, banded or wavy erythema accompanied by severe pruritus.

Hives caused by exposure to water or by changes in weather are less common. This is a form of allergic disease. The patient’s skin often has papules, edema, appearing very quickly in any area, of different sizes. A raised papule on the skin, which may be slightly red or paler than the surrounding area. The size and shape of the papules change rapidly, often leaving no trace when they go away. Urticaria usually does not affect health because it is only an external manifestation, but makes the patient uncomfortable. Depending on the location, each person has different pathogens.

The habit of using rain clothes can also cause skin diseases. According to Dr. Tam, some raincoat materials such as elastic rubber material will cause irritation. Wearing a raincoat for too long will be hot, and it is also easy to develop heat rash and acne.

Besides, the longer you soak in the rain, the more affected the skin on your feet is. The most common skin disease is interstitial fungus, the most common manifestation of which is flaking of the feet in small clusters or spreading over the entire table. Sometimes the disease may appear as small vesicular lesions.

The doctor said that some diseases such as heat rash or acne can go away on their own, but diseases such as urticaria, bacterial dermatitis, if prolonged and aggravated, need to be treated early.

Heavy rain flooded Ly Thai Tho street, May 29. Image: Giang Huy

In addition to skin diseases that are common in the rainy season, some respiratory diseases are also common. Doctor Truong Huu Khanh, specialist consultant of Infection – Neurology, Children’s Hospital 1, said that common diseases such as upper respiratory infections, flu with symptoms of chills, fever, cough, runny nose, runny nose, headache, so it should be noted. Heavy rain and flooding, people often have to soak in the rain, so they are prone to body aches.

Doctors recommend that it is best to limit going out in the rain, if you must, avoid prolonged exposure in the rain and wear a raincoat to keep your body warm. When you get home, you need to dry yourself, change clothes, rest, keep your body temperature stable, and take a shower when it’s not cold. To help warm up the body, you can drink ginger tea, foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemon juice to help increase resistance and warm up faster.


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