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Rafale flew 17000 km without stopping for 12 hours

Europe’s first plane to fly 12 hours continuously
French Air Force’s Air-to-Air Refueling Operator Major Pierrick said that three Rafale planes set a new record by flying 12 hours non-stop . The Rafale planes have covered this distance while flying from California to reach the French airbase Tahiti located in the South Pacific Ocean. During this, the Rafale aircraft was refueled seven times in the air itself. Major Pierrick told that Rafale is Europe’s first fighter jet to fly continuously for 12 hours. 

Three Rafale planes made record flight
According to French media, seven aircraft of the French Air Force, including three Rafale fighter jets, took off from France to go to Tahiti. In the first flight, he reached the airbase in California, USA. In his second flight from here, he made a safe landing in Tahiti, making a record. During this record flight of 15 hours, the Rafale fighter aircraft was air-to-air refueling seven times. 

Demand for Rafale increased in the world
The demand for Rafale fighter aircraft has increased in the world. Many countries have bought aircraft from Dassault, the company that makes Rafale. India had signed a deal to buy 36 Rafale aircraft in 2016. Out of these, 21 aircraft have been received by India. Recently, an agreement has been signed with Croatia to buy 12 Rafale multi-role fighter aircraft for $ 1.2 billion. Earlier, France had signed a $4.5 billion deal for 30 Rafale aircraft to Egypt. France also sold 12 Rafale to Greece. Dassault has announced to make this Rafale jet of F-5 class. By 2030, this aircraft will be converted into an aircraft with F-5 ie stealth capability. Due to its many features, this aircraft has become the favorite fighter jet for the armies of the world today. 

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