“Racism” and “mental torture”: Thierry Henry leaves social networks

Coach Thierry Henry, top scorer of the France team and 1998 world champion, will be absent from social networks as long as the platforms have not acted more against the ” racism “, the“Intimidation” and “The resulting mental torture”.

In a message posted to his 14.8 million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on Friday March 26, the trainer wrote:

“The sheer volume of racism, intimidation and resulting mental torture is too toxic to ignore. “Social networks are now used by more than half of the world’s population

The former Arsenal and FC Barcelona striker, who has just left his CF Montreal coaching duties for family reasons, called for the ” responsibility “ and asked “To those in the driver’s seat to regulate their platforms with as much vigor and ferocity as they do when copyright infringement”.

“It is far too easy to create an account, to use it to intimidate and harass without consequence while remaining anonymous. Until that changes, I will deactivate my accounts on all social platforms. Hope the change will happen soon. “

Racist and misogynistic messages

Like other tech giants, Twitter is increasingly criticized for facilitating torrents of abuse against users, usually from anonymous accounts, in often racist or misogynistic posts.

Twitter assured in a statement released last week that there was “No place for racist abuse” on his platform and that he was working to crack down on abuses against footballers.

Facebook wants to stay away from politics

Thierry Henry’s decision to deactivate his social media accounts comes a few days after American Chrissy Teigen, top model and cookbook author, quit Twitter after being abused.

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