Quentin Tarantino could shoot “a spaghetti western” before Kill Bill 3

Invited to the Rome Film Festival, the American director received a prize on October 19 for all of his filmography, before discussing his future projects.

Kill Bill 3 ? Since 2004 and theatrical release Kill Bill 2, Quentin Tarantino keeps talking about the shooting of a third part. In vain. Still, the 58-year-old director seems in tune with the project. In July 2019, in full promotion for Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood , his latest film, he plays the honesty card for the MTV podcast, in July 2019, Happy Sad Confused . “To tell the truth, Uma [Thurman, qui incarne la criminelle Beatrix Kiddo à l’écran, NDLR] and I have spoken openly about it very recently. Well, I still have to dig into this idea but we talked about it just last week. And if there is one of my films that I had to follow up on, it would be Kill Bill. “

Invited this year at the 16e Rome International Film Festival, Quentin Tarantino received an award on Tuesday, October 19 to reward his entire filmography, awarded by Dario Argento, master of horror. In the spotlight, he cannot escape the question about a Kill Bill 3. Unsurprisingly, he replies “Why not ?», Reports Variety . “But first, I would like to do a comedy. It won’t necessarily be my next film. It’s something I think I’m doing, I wouldn’t say what it is. But I can say that in any case there will be spaghetti western in it. […] Can’t wait to shoot this, because it’s gonna be so funny“.

The scenario is already well sketched: “I want to do it with the style of the spaghetti western where each person will speak a different language. The Mexican bandido is played by an Italian, the hero is American, the evil sheriff is German, the Mexican girl in the saloon is Israeli … And everyone speaks to each other in a different language. Basically, the actors say to themselves: Ok, as soon as he’s finished speaking, it’s my turn!””, Relates Variety.

With nine films on the counter -the diptych Kill Bill appears as one and the same film – Quentin Tarantino has one last feature film to write, since he keeps repeating that he wants to retire after his tenth film. “That’s exactly why I want to quit. I know the history of cinema, from this stage to the end the directors don’t improve»He had declared on the set of Real Time with Bill Maher last june.

Quentin Tarantino is far from putting his director’s cap in the closet. In addition to his writing career introduced by the publication of two books, he has already written the “five thirty-minute episodes“From Bounty Law, a series dedicated to the character of Rick Dalton, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood. And he intends to bring them to life. “I want to do it, but it will take me a year and a half. […] So I’ll do them, and make them all»He explained to the media Deadline .


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