Quang Ninh established 1,500 Covid-19 checkpoints

Quang Ninh province maintains 1,500 self-governing teams to strictly control people entering and leaving the area, in order to detect early risk of nCoV infection.

Working with Deputy Health Minister Do Xuan Tuyen on January 21-22, Quang Ninh province leaders said that 32 suspected Covid-19 cases are currently isolated at medical facilities. In order to strengthen the management of people illegally entering the border area, Quang Ninh province restarted the checkpoint in Mong Cai city with the highest level of mechanism. The three border districts of Mong Cai, Hai Ha, and Binh Lieu have signed 100% commitments with local people to denounce people entering illegally.

Recently, Binh Phuoc province announced two cases of illegal entry through Quang Ninh province. Quang Ninh authorities immediately investigated, verified and discovered the line to bring people who illegally entered the country. This line will soon go to public trial.

Deputy Minister Tuyen shared that in the coming time, the epidemic is forecasted to be complicated and unpredictable. Deputy Minister suggested the province try to maintain and promote the role of the community working group (each group manages about 40-50 households.

“Stepping up monitoring of trails and openings to promptly detect cases of illegal entry, combined with promoting propaganda and mobilizing people not to enter illegally,” requested the Deputy Minister.

In the past year, border management units discovered and handled 487 cases with 2,460 illegal entries and exits, and put them in the concentrated isolation area. Up to now, Van Don International Airport has welcomed 170 flights from countries with nearly 36,000 people entering, of which more than 13,000 foreigners, more than 22,600 Vietnamese citizens.

Quang Ninh has 5 facilities that test for nCoV using RT-PCR, one of which is licensed by the Ministry of Health for confirmation. The province’s testing capacity reaches 1,600 test samples per day.

Deputy Minister Do Xuan Tuyen (brown shirt, left) supervises epidemic prevention work in Quang Ninh.

The representative of Quang Ninh province also said that the whole population health review was basically completed and the data updated on the universal health management electronic software. The province also drastically processed false information on social networks about the epidemic situation, and 59 cases were handled. Ha Long City also sanctioned violators for not wearing a mask at the prescribed place.

Le Nga