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Quad countries to meet soon, PM Modi-who will be part of Biden, China may come under tension

In view of the ongoing violence in Myanmar and the increasing influence of China, the meeting of the heads of the Quad countries is going to be held for the first time. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave this information. He said, “I am very excited about the first meeting with the leaders of the quad countries. This will be the first conference of the leaders of the quad countries.” He further said, “Even before that I have had talks with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga but I am waiting for a face-to-face meeting.” He said that this conference will further strengthen relations between all the quad countries.

It is believed that there will be a bilateral dialogue between the quad countries soon. The conference may include Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison and Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihida Suga. The Prime Minister of Australia said that talking to four countries together will also improve mutual relations. At the same time, business activities will also be negotiated. He said that US President Joe Biden has made it clear that this meeting of the quad countries will strengthen the mutual relationship more.

Recently, there was a conversation between India and Australia

Recently there was a virtual summit between India and Australia. In this virtual summit, the partnership of the two countries was given a new dimension. The two countries have brought mutual relations to a level of comprehensive strategic partnership. A total of 9 agreements were signed between India and Australia. During this time, Prime Minister Modi thanked the Australian PM for taking care of Indians trapped in Australia during the Corona crisis. At the same time, Scott Morrison praised Prime Minister Modi’s leadership role and praised Prime Minister Modi for helping the world community in fighting the Corona virus.

America and Australia raised questions on China

The mobilization against China was also evident in the discussion between the two leaders. It is worth mentioning that in recent years, China had made considerable inroads in Australia in economic terms, but after the spread of Corona virus, Australia as well as America also A demand for investigation was raised against him. It was mainly on the appeal of the US and Australia that India supported the proposal for investigation against China in the WHO. With this, it is possible for China to come into tension.

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