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After Covid-19, singer Quach Tuan Du’s health was weaker than before, had to be treated on an airplane while on tour in the US in January.

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The 41-year-old singer just returned from the US to Ho Chi Minh City in the middle of the week. After being infected with nCov twice, he encountered many sequelae such as: shortness of breath, shortness of breath, chest pain, weak nerves, easily damaged larynx, insomnia… Because of forgetfulness, the singer had to take brain tonics. , hope to restore memory as before. “Returning to the country this time, I will be more careful in my activities, protect the vocal cords so that I can serve the audience for a long time,” Quach Tuan Du said.

More than 10 days ago, he had trouble while flying from California to Orlando, Florida to perform for Tet, The flight lasted four hours, because of lack of sleep the night before, he slept seamlessly as soon as he settled into his seat. When he woke up, the singer found it difficult to breathe, his head was dizzy, his head was pale, his mouth was swollen, his limbs were stiff, he was sweating, his ears were ringing and he was nauseated… Thinking he had had a stroke or stroke like seven years. first, the singer immediately called for help. Thanks to the aviation staff’s timely support, he was given sweeteners and oxygen tanks. A few minutes later, he slowly regained his breath.

As soon as the plane landed, passengers on the same flight as Quach Tuan Du were asked to be tested for nCoV. The singer was taken by medical staff to an emergency at a local hospital. Although his health is stable, he is still haunted when stepping on the plane. “I just went through a critical illness, it felt terrible,” he said.

Quach Tuan Du was given emergency treatment on a flight on January 26 in the US.

The singer said that after coming to the US in December, because of changes in time, weather and environment, he was constantly lacking sleep, and the oxygen level after Covid-19 was too weak, causing his heart to be affected. In mid-January, when he saw signs of fever, cough, runny nose, headache and dizziness… he texted quickly and confirmed that he was infected with nCoV for the second time. Having experience from the first time, he took care of eating, exercising, breathing according to the instructions of the doctor … so he recovered after only five days.

Quach Tuan Du said he could not forget the crisis period when he received the first positive result, just a week after the first dose of the vaccine. Before, From the end of July to the middle of August 2021, he participated in many performances at the field hospital, the isolation area, distributed rice and necessities to people in difficult circumstances. After a week of operation, he had a sore throat, fever, and a quick test was positive for nCoV.

In the following days, the singer suffered from a stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, sneezing, loss of taste and smell. Brother suspected source of infection is the shipper or medical staff testing for several thousand residents in the apartment complex. Quach Tuan Du recounted: “As soon as I got the results, I immediately went to my room to lie down, locked the door. I pondered with many questions: What if I had trouble breathing, my condition worsened? Transferred to the hospital and isolated? time quickly collapsed, deadlocked when singer Phi Nhung at that time became serious, had to intervene ECMO”.

He said he was disappointed because he was conscious of protecting himself carefully, following the 5K rule when volunteering. At that time, he had to fight with his mind and fight the disease by eating well, taking medicine, supplementing vitamins, and using folk methods (mainly throat and nostrils). The singer does not dare to read negative news, does not track the number of infections and deaths every day. Because of his bad mood, he limited his conversation, only approaching people who had had the disease, and consulted their treatment experiences.

“My throat is sore and uncomfortable, I can’t talk for long,” he said. When he was isolated at home, whenever he had trouble breathing, he tried to practice breathing according to the doctor’s instructions. After that, he was asked to test a new antiviral drug, the artist thought about it carefully and then decided to sign the pledge. “At that time, I was worried about the side effects of the drug affecting the lungs, making it difficult to sing later.”

Quach Tuan Du quickly tested positive for Covid-19 in September.

Quach Tuan Du quickly tested positive for Covid-19 in September. Photo: Characters provided

Seven days of treatment in the isolation room, he was exhausted many times, sweating all over the mattress. The singer thought of the case that he could not survive, could not be with his family in time, so he arranged everything, from work to property. He sent his email account and password to his younger brother to settle some unfinished contracts and projects. At the same time, also prepare funds for ventilators, dialysis, if fainting, the family does not dare to decide.

“I plan to sell off a house, spend 5 billion dong to buy an ECMO machine. I am still greedy to live, hoping to be able to fulfill my ambition,” he said. At that time, many friends, colleagues and staff from the Ministry of Health supported him with methods of treatment, medicine, food, etc. After the PCR result was negative, the doctor asked Quach Tuan Du to isolate him further. For a while, focus on eating. To have resistance, he ate double, triple, even gained more than 5 kg.

Within 5 days, he was resistant to the virus but his health has not yet recovered. Quach Tuan Du trains by exercising, taking care of salt water, taking vitamins every day, eating enough nutrients and fruits. More than half a month later, he was negative for nCoV.

Since recovering from the disease, the singer has cherished life more, valued the love of family and friends… “For me, nothing is more important than living a happy life, giving up anger, jealousy and struggles. I I don’t think about fame and fortune, instead, I live to the fullest with my passion for singing, trying to protect my health, so that when I wake up, I’m still alive and happy.”

According to him, the fastest way to recover from the disease is to keep up the spirit, be optimistic, avoid thinking bad things and not interact with people who talk negatively. Follow the 5K rule, disinfect your hands and wear a mask often.

Quach Tuan Du in a new set of pictures.

Quach Tuan Du in a new set of pictures. Photo: Characters provided

Quach Tuan Du was born in 1981 in An Giang. In 2001, he and two members To Huan Vu and Phong Dat founded the D&D group. The group was active at the same time as AC&M, MTV, GMC, The Bells, HAT, releasing five albums in three years. In 2004, D&D disbanded, Tuan Du worked solo, pursuing bolero remix music. In addition, he acted in movies, participated in TV shows…, was adopted by singer Ngoc Son in 2007.

He released several albums: Peaceful dream (2004), I’m a poor man (2005), After the last night – If you want to leave (2006), Loss of money (2008), See you there (2011)…. In the near future, he will release two products: a ballad revolving around emotional and psychosocial stories and an MV filmed at sea. The singer also plans to tour around the world.

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