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Putin warns against declaring Ukraine a ‘no fly zone’, says – if someone did this then …

Lviv (Ukraine): Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Moscow would see a third party declaring a ‘no fly zone’ over Ukraine as “joining the war”. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials alleged that Russia bombed two cities in an act contrary to the ceasefire, making it difficult for people to evacuate.

Due to non-implementation of ceasefire in Mariupol and Volnovakha, efforts to end the war seem to have been sabotaged. With this, about 14 lakh people have left Ukraine in just 10 days.

Putin’s allegation on Ukraine
Putin accused Ukraine of obstructing the evacuation operation and also claimed that Ukraine’s leadership is questioning the future of the country’s independent state status.

Putin said that if this happens, then the leadership of Ukraine will be solely responsible for it. Earlier, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that it had agreed to give way for the evacuation of people from the strategically important port of Mariupol in the southeast and the city of Volnovakha in the east.

Russian forces have been shelling these two cities for the past several days and the icy winter has created a crisis of hospital, food and water for hundreds of people trapped there. Mariupol mayor Vadim Boychenko said on a Ukrainian TV channel that thousands of people had gathered for a safe exit from the city and that the shelling started when buses left.

Ukrainian President appeals to NATO
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to declare the airspace over his country a ‘no fly zone’.

NATO says that declaring such a ‘no fly zone’ will ban all unauthorized aircraft over Ukraine, which will lead to a large-scale war between European countries with nuclear-armed Russia.

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