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Putin can go on leave to undergo cancer operation, know in whose hands Russia will be in command

Russia Ukraine Conflict: More than 2 months have passed since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. All countries, including America, are engaged in besieging Russia in different ways, but Russian President Vladimir Putin is firm on his insistence and has not stopped the ceasefire. Meanwhile, news is coming that Putin is going on leave during the war itself. He has taken this leave to undergo cancer operation. In the absence of Putin, many questions are being raised about who will be in command of Russia.

Nikolai Petrushev may get the command

According to media reports, Putin can hand over the command of Russia in his absence to Nikolai Petrushev, the chief of the Russian Security Council and former chief of the intelligence agency FSB. He is counted among the people close to Putin. During this, the command of Ukraine war will also remain in the hands of Petrushev.

Operation can be done after May 9

A Russian Telegram channel has claimed that the information about Putin’s operation is solid. Putin was diagnosed with stomach cancer and Parkinson’s disease 18 months ago. Then the doctors had asked for surgery, but then they postponed it. Now he can get this operation done after attending the Victory Day Parade on May 9 as president.

What is the profile of Nikolai Petrushev

Nikolai Petrushev is considered close to Putin. It was he who had convinced Putin that Ukraine was full of neo-Nazis, who were constantly plotting against Russia. It was only after this that Putin attacked Ukraine.

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