Pus after injection of filler

HCMCThe 26-year-old girl had pain after a filler injection to fill the sides of her nose and cheeks at a cosmetic facility in District 1.

The salon’s staff injects the antidote as soon as the girl is in pain. A few days later, the area of ​​the lips is painful and oozing. An emergency patient at a medical facility and transferred to the Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital with a condition on the left side with erythematous plaques, pus, swelling in the lips, nasal grooves, cheeks, gold grinding surface mouth ulcers, pain in the cheek area, left jaw and nasal septum.

Doctor Le Thao Hien, Department of Aesthetic Skin, Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital, on October 2, said the patient’s face showed symptoms of inflammation, edema and infection due to complications of injecting fillers (also known as is the filler).

“This is an embolism caused by improper injection, leading to the skin around the mouth and nasal folds, purple cheeks, necrosis and infection,” said Dr. Thao Hien. If the antidote is done incorrectly, it will make the accident worse.

26-year-old girl had accident after injecting fillers in the nasal passages, cheeks. Image: Lan Anh.

Patients must use antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, daily wound care. According to Dr. Hien, recovery time should be at least 10-14 days, which can leave sequelae of scarring, skin pigmentation disorders …

Each month, the hospital receives several cases of complications due to injection filler. Many cases of serious complications require surgery to remove the fillers, it is quite expensive and takes a long time to recover. Postoperative sequelae can cause bad scarring and loss of skin tissue, affecting aesthetics.

The cause of complications of filler injections can be due to the floating, impure, causing the body to react with foreign substances. Incorrect injection will squeeze or block blood vessels causing edema, more dangerous than skin necrosis or blindness … Accidents can also occur due to technicians not ensuring sterility principles before, during and after injection.

According to Dr. Hien, in recent years filler has been popularly used in cosmetic dermatology, helping to erase facial wrinkles, fill the cheeks, sunken temples, deep cheeks … Filler is also used in one Some cosmetic design indications such as lifting the nose, filling the chin, filling the lips, creating a V-line face … This is a difficult technique, if the injection is wrong, using a filler of unknown origin and quality. can cause serious consequences.

The doctor recommends that everyone go to medical facilities that are allowed to implement filler injection techniques, choose products with clear origin, have been tested for safety, and check the expiry date. The person performing the procedure must be a specialist in dermatology or plastic surgery and trained in injection technique.

After injection, if there are unusual signs such as pain, swelling, drainage, blurred vision, cyanosis .., need to be examined and promptly treated by the hospital.

Le Phuong