Purchasing power: the Senate votes a measure to unlock its employee savings


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While the measure concerning the redemption of its RTT makes a lot of noise, another measure is more discreet: that of the early release of its employee savings. We take stock.

A measure was adopted by the Senate on the night of Monday 1er August to Tuesday 2, namely the possibility of early release of employee savings. All employees who receive either profit-sharing or profit-sharing from their company are concerned. This represented 9.5 million people in France in 2020. The novelty is that until December 31, 2022, the employee will be able to release their savings without it being subject to income tax or to social security contributions, as was the case before.

A ceiling has nevertheless been set: the total sum must not exceed 10,000 euros. In addition, the sum must be devoted to buying a good, a car or household appliances for example, or to providing a service. The only rule imposed is not to invest this money elsewhere, in another savings product, the objective being to stimulate consumption.

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